Veterans Day

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Veterans Day is a United States federal holiday observed annually on November 11, honoring and remembering all those who have served in the United States Armed Forces.

Veterans Day was originally called Armistice Day, but was renamed in 1954 at the urging of major U.S. veteran organizations.

Is it Veteran's Day, Veterans' Day or Veterans Day?
While the holiday is commonly referred to as Veteran's Day or Veterans' Day (both with apostrophe) in calendars and advertisements, the official spelling is Veterans Day (without apostrophe) as it is not a day that "belongs" to veterans, it is a day for honoring veterans (source: United States Department of Veterans Affairs website).

Veterans Day is not to be confused with Memorial Day (last Monday of May) which is a United States federal holiday that commemorates those who have died in military service to their country.

Armed Forces Day (third Saturday in May) is an unofficial holiday that honors those currently serving in the armed forces.

Veterans Day